Poesia Viva

sábado, janeiro 14, 2006

Just BE...

Be empty:

Like a wind
that passes freely
without grabbing anything.

Be free:

For freedom is the silence
where you can cease to be
so small,
so tired
so scared of being One
with Life itself.


As one awakening
to a fresh new day
just BE;

As one observing
without previous thought
just SEE;

As one who LOVES
without a selfish centre
just shed the LIGHT
that gives you Life and Wings.

And with these Wings
become the Bird
that flies the World
with just one vision

A centre of all Space,
a moment of all Time,
a Self without a centre
and, in the Heart of All,
a point of FULL AWARENESS,
a HOME without a home;

A Heart that is all places
all times and every dream,
a Wing made just of Light
that shadows everything...

Just BE...


(foto de Isabel tirada no Baleal, talvez a mais bela praia do mundo...)


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